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Systems for the Mining/Mineral industry

Increase the reliability in mining, mineral processing and cement industry

SKF has developed a special product range that will all endure the harsh conditions within the Mining, Mineral Processing and/or Cement industry. Using the latest vibration and temperature measurement techniques to monitor equipment, the system detects faults such as:
  • Loose parts
  • Unbalance
  • Bearing damage
  • Lack of lubrication
  • High temperatures

Use as a stand-alone device or integrate

Use the pre-engineered and easy-to-install SKF Copperhead system as a stand-alone device or integrate it into a plant automation system.

Mobile equipment on-line condition monitoring system

The SKF Copperhead on-line monitoring system for mobile equipment is a rugged and compact on-board, on-line system that monitors vibration, temperature, speed and load of the vehicle's mechanical systems while in operation.

Worldwide analysis capability

The system for mobile equipment communicates critical data, which can be analyzed by SKF worldwide through a web-based link or by your trained staff.
SKF Copperhead fault detection system
The SKF Copperhead kit (fig 1) is a low channel fault detection system based on the SKF Copperhead Transmitter Unit (CMPT CTU), the Alarm and Display Module (CMPT DCL) and SKF Copperhead sensors.

The system is designed to endure harsh conditions in mines, mineral processing and the cement industry. The system has a unique ability to monitor both normal and low speed machinery.
With the CMPT CTU on-line monitoring system, you can connect up to 64 distributed CMPT CTU units to one operating terminal (CMPT HMI), where it can analyze both vibration and temperature overall levels 24/7.

You can customize the terminal with process views and alarm information for individual projects and customers. Add output relays as an option or connect CMPT HMI to a PLC for data exchange. Alarm events can be communicated by OPC interface, SMS or e-mail.
SKF Copperhead transmitter unit - CMPT CTU
The SKF CMPT CTU (fig 2) is a digital vibration and temperature transmitter that can be used as part of a machinery fault detection system. The SKF CMPT CTU can make three types of vibration signal process analysis: Acceleration Enveloping (gE), acceleration (g) or velocity (mm/s or inch/s). The SKF CMPT CTU can process vibration signals from the SKF CMPT family of sensors or other industrial accelerometers.
SKF alarm and display module - CMPT DCL
The SKF CMPT DCL (fig 3) is a digital alarm and display module. It is used as part of a machinery fault detection system to monitor analogue signals from the SKF CMPT CTU vibration transmitter, various thermocouples and resistive temperature detectors (RTD). This is a single channel module with digital display and alarm function with LED event lamp and relay contacts.
Cable accelerometers
The CMPT 2310 and CMPT 2310T (fig 4) low profile integral cable accelerometers are piezoelectric accelerometer sensors especially made for the monitoring of machinery operating in harsh industrial conditions, such as crushers, vibrating screens, conveyors, mills, etc.
The CMPT 2323 and CMPT 2323T (fig 5) low profile integral cable accelerometers are piezoelectric accelerometer sensors especially made for monitoring low speed machinery (n <40 r/min) operating in harsh industrial conditions, such as horizontal grinding mill trunnions, vertical grinding mill rollers, roll crushers, press rolls, etc. The sensors have greater sensitivity and lower-frequency measurements capability than the CMPT 2310 models.
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