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Electro-mechanical single point automatic lubricators


SKF SYSTEM 24 Single point automatic lubricator TLSD series
The SKF TLSD series is the first choice when a simple and reliable automatic lubricator is required under variable temperatures, or when the application conditions (such as vibration, limited space or hazardous environments) require a remote mounting.
  • Filled with SKF lubricants especially developed for bearing applications.
  • Temperature independent dispense rate.
  • Maximum discharge pressure of 5 bar over the whole dispensing period.
  • Dispense rate available in various settings.
  • Transparent reservoir allows visual inspection.
  • Red-yellow-green LEDs indicate the lubricator’s status.
  • Refill sets include battery pack.
  • Special battery pack available for cold working conditions.
  • Supplied with support flange for enhanced sturdiness.
  • Suitable for both direct and remote installation.
  • Extensive range of accessories.
Typical applications
  • Critical applications where extreme reliability and additional monitoring is required.
  • Applications in restrictive and hazardous locations.
  • Applications requiring high volumes of lubricant.

SKF DialSet software helps to calculate the correct dispense rate.

A. The transparent cap ensures easy visual monitoring of the lubrication settings.

B. The unit can be programmed to dispense lubricant in 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12 month settings.

C. The same drive unit can be used with both cartridge versions by simply adjusting the 125/250 ml switch.

D. Traffic light LEDs are visual from all sides because of the presence of dual LEDs on the sides of the lubricator. The meaning of the lights is as follows:
– Green light: The lubricator is properly functioning.
– Yellow light: The lubricator is still functioning, but soon same action will be required. Yellow light serves as a pre-warning light.
– Red light: The lubricator stopped operating.

Unit with 125 ml refill - fig. 1
Unit with 250 ml refill - fig. 2
Ordering details - Complete units

DescriptionComplete unit 125 mlComplete unit 250 ml
High load, extreme pressure, wide temperature range
TLSD 125/WA2
TLSD 250/WA2
High viscosity bearing grease with solid lubricants
TLSD 125/EM2
TLSD 250/EM2
High load, high temperature, high viscosity
TLSD 125/HB2
TLSD 250/HB2
High performance, high temperature
TLSD 125/HP2
TLSD 250/HP2
Food compatible NSF H1 certified
TLSD 125/FP2
TLSD 250/FP2
Chain oil

Medium temperature oil
TLSD 125/HMT68
TLSD 250/HMT68
Ordering details - Refill sets

DescriptionRefill set 125 ml
Refill set 250 ml
Multi-purpose EP type grease
LGWA 2/SD125
LGWA 2/SD250
High loads, slow rotations
LGEM 2/SD125
LGEM 2/SD250
High temperature, loads, plain bearing
LGHB 2/SD125
LGHB 2/SD250
High performance polyurea
LGHP 2/SD125
LGHP 2/SD250
LGFP 2Food processing industry
LGFP 2/SD125
LGFP 2/SD250
High loads, wide temperature
LGWM 2/SD125
LGWM 2/SD250
Chain oil

Medium temperature oil
LHMT 68/SD125
LHMT 68/SD250
LHHT 265
High temperature oil
LHHT 265/SD125
LHHT 265/SD250
LHFP 150
Food compatible, NSF H1 approved oil
LHFP 150/SD125
LHFP 150/SD250
  • Technical data
    Technical data
    DesignationTLSD 125 and TLSD 250
    Grease capacity
    – TLSD 125
    – TLSD 250
    125 ml (4.2 US fl. oz)
    250 ml (8.5 US fl. oz)
    Emptying timeUser adjustable: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12 months
    Lowest grease purge
    – TLSD 125
    – TLSD 250
    0,3 ml (0.01 US fl. oz) per day
    0,7 ml (0.02 US fl. oz) per day
    Highest grease purge
    – TLSD 125
    – TLSD 250
    4,1 ml (0.13 US fl. oz) per day
    8,3 ml (0.28 US fl. oz) per day
    Ambient temperature range
    – TLSD 1-BAT
    – TLSD 1-BATC
    0 to 50 °C (30 to 120 °F)
    –10 to +50 °C (15 to 120 °F)
    Maximum operating pressure5 bar (75 psi)
    Drive mechanismElectro mechanical
    Connection threadG1/4
    Maximum feed line length with:
    – grease
    – oil
    Up to 3 meters (10 ft) 1)
    Up to 5 meters (16 ft)
    LED status indicators
    – Green led (each 30 sec)
    – Yellow led (each 30 sec)
    – Yellow led (each 5 sec)
    – Red led (each 5 sec)
    – Red led (each 2 sec)
    Pre warning, low battery power
    Pre warning, high back pressure
    Warning, stopped on error
    Warning, empty cartridge
    Protection class assembled lubricatorIP 65
    Battery pack
    – TLSD 1-BAT
    – TLSD 1-BATC
    4,5 V 2,7 Ah/Alkaline manganese
    4,5 V 2,9 Ah/Lithium-Iron Disulfide
    Recommended storage temperature20 °C (70 °F)
    Storage life of lubricator3 years 2)
    (2 years for LGFP 2 and oils)
    Total weight (incl. packaging)
    – TLSD 125
    – TLSD 250
    635 g (22.5 oz)
    800 g (28.2 oz)
    1) The maximum feed line length is dependent on ambient temperature, grease type and back pressure created by the application.
    2) Maximum storage life is 3 years from production date, which is printed on the side of the canister. The canister and battery pack may be used at 12 month setting even if activated 3 years from production date.
  • Accessories
  • Spare parts

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