“Teamwork is about having a positive mindset.”

Laure - Technology Development
Laure - Technology Development
Laure is currently Manager of the Centre of Excellence for bearing customisation in St Cyr Sur Loire, France. Her role is to support the development of customised bearing solutions and services, which involves providing SKF Solution Factories and other units worldwide with bearing knowledge and excellence standards as well as defining common processes and methodologies. All the functions her role involves are aimed at creating new global service offers in respect of market needs. Her 17-year career at SKF has offered cultural and professional variation – however, her relationship with the company was already underway as a school student.

"At school, my engineering books came from SKF. From these, I could see that SKF was a global visionary and pioneer in many areas. I applied to join the company because I could see that their values were the same as mine. I’ve never regretted my choice!"

Laure’s career has involved positions of increasing responsibility. We asked her how she was able to meet the challenges these presented.

"I’ve always had access to outstanding training and coaching opportunities. These have helped me live up to the company’s expectations and my own. For example, the Individual Development Plan the company offers has allowed me to discuss my career and my experiences with SKF Management. Also, I took part in an international program called ‘Business Factory’, aimed at developing our offer on new markets. These programs, along with many others I’ve undertaken, have allowed me to develop constantly, manage people effectively and lead change. From a personal perspective, company culture and the fact that it makes my working day easier and less stressful also allows me to have a rich personal life and I have two beautiful children who are proud to have a mother working at SKF."

Finally, after 17 years, what is your personal view of teamwork within SKF?

"For me, teamwork is much more than attending meetings or participating in a project. It’s about how I engage with people. How we agree on the same objectives. Teamwork is about having a positive mindset and making a positive contribution to my surroundings and community – and I’m lucky enough to work for a company that realises this and places it at the centre of every activity. When I meet my colleagues from across the world, I really feel like I’ve met them before – SKF is a big company but wherever I am, I feel part of a global family where everyone shares common values and objectives."
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