Auto throttle for aerospace
SKF Aerospace produces throttle control parts since the beginning of commercial aircrafts. In the eighties, we developed electronic sensor units for the first fly-by-wire commercial aircraft, the Airbus A320.
For the Dassault F2000 Twin engines and the Gulfstream G200 Business Jet, we designed a "plug and play" throttle control unit integrating artificial feeling and ergonomics.
We are continuously integrating various functionalities including auto throttle and side sticks.

SKF Aerospace offers high performance mechatronics such as:

  • Position and force transducer units
  • Linear and rotary actuators

Designed to customers specifications requiring:

  • Artificial feeling and ergonomics
  • High precision mechanics
  • Integrated cockpit sensors

SKF Aerospace wide range of electro-mechanical equipment enables:

  • The interface between the pilot and the flight control computers
  • The control of the aircraft during taxiing, take-off and landing
  • Forward and reverse thrust power control of each engine
  • Spoiler and speedbrake operation
  • Utilities actuation : doors, air cooling...

SKF smart throttle control unit

  • Basic electromechanical core
  • Same design whatever the aircraft
  • Simple, reliable

Customized interfaces

  • Analogical or digital output for fadec
  • Data bus for flight management system i.e. arinc 429
  • Dedicated discrete signal outputs
  • Push buttons

Customized design

  • Cockpit-customized design
  • Leather, wood or plastic front panel
  • Knobs colour and shape

Customized ergonomics

  • Friction force feedback of the levers
  • Number and forces of the detents
  • Push buttons
  • Auto throttle capability

Simple feature

  • Pilot is always in the loop with easy auto thrust override
  • Optimal ergonomics
  • Smooth and constant friction feeling
  • Provides precise and stable speed captures


  • Reduced pilot workload
  • Greater comfort
  • Safer flight
  • Lower fuel consumption
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