SKF Food Line Y-bearing units with composite housings

Relubrication free bearing life even with frequent washdowns?

Composite range
Composite housings
Stainless steel range
Stainless steel housings
SKF Food Line Y-bearing units reduce the washdown related problems of corrosion, premature failure and environmental impact.

Featuring the 2RF multiple seal design, SKF Food Line Y-bearing units keep detergent, water and other contaminants out of the bearing cavity, while keeping lubricant inside.

How much grease can you save from bearing relubrication?

  • grease saving_1 in F&B

    1 bearing

    15 g (0.53 oz.)
  • grease saving_2 in F&B

    100 bearings

    1,5 kg (3.3 lbs.)
  • grease saving_3 in F&B

    100 bearings/year

    78 kg (172 lbs.)
  • In an average-size plant

    save 78 kg/year

See seals efficiency while undergoing a high-pressure wash

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