Freight cars

Railway freight operation requires technical and economical solutions with low life cycle cost. Consequently, axlebox bearings requiring minimal maintenance are needed. Axlebox bearings must be able to operate under fully loaded cars and under extreme climate conditions.

There are axlebox designs used as well as adapter style applications. Achieving very long operational time and maintenance intervals are typical requirements for freight cars.

For European bogies like Y25, full bore axleboxes and cylindrical roller bearings or spherical roller bearings are used. Freight cars with three-piece bogie designs, typically tapered roller bearing units (TBUs) and adapters, are used. The TBUs incorporate a contacting seal to avoid contamination. To achieve low life cycle cost, minimal maintenance and cost-effective bearing and axlebox designs are required. SKF offers a unique package comprising axleboxes and bearing units plus service engineering support including remanufacturing options.

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