Ten years of confirmed customer savings

More than 27 billion Swedish kronor! That’s the amount of money that customers have confirmed that SKF solutions have saved them in the last 10 years using the Documented Savings Programme (DSP). In 2013 alone they confirmed savings of more than SEK 4 billion.

SKF uses DSP to measure and confirm the monetary value of the savings that its customers can make by using its solutions. You can read more out about DSP and how it works in this press release, which explains how SKF helped one of its customers to achieve savings of SEK 17.7 million in the last year.

Here are examples of two other customers that SKF has helped to save money, both of whom have confirmed these savings using DSP:

Reduced costs for a large industrial company
A large industrial company wanted to find a way to reduce its maintenance, repair and operation spending. SKF proposed finding cost savings by applying the know-how from its five technology platforms, and measured the outcome using DSP. Some of the results achieved included reducing inventory, reducing energy and lubrication use, extending the life of numerous classes of machines, and implementing a predictive maintenance programme that allowed operators to find problems before they materialised. The customer gained around 5% measurable cost savings annually. After finalising the implementation in one market, SKF used its global reach to help the customer replicate it at other facilities around the world, creating more savings for the customer.

Cost-efficient upgrade for an aluminium foil maker
A major aluminium foil maker contracted SKF to help address gearbox vibration and oil leakage problems at its rolling mill. The factory produces more than 20,000 tonnes of aluminium foil annually and the customer wanted to increase its overall production capacity to meet rising demand. Following problems with vibration in the transmission line, SKF intervened with a root cause analysis and condition monitoring, that identified wear in the gearbox bearing seats and excessive play in the drive shaft couplings on stand side, causing misalignment and vibrations. Using DSP, SKF could show that a new gear unit would be more cost-efficient than refurbishing the old one. The customer decided to have the gearbox power increased by 20%, to allow it to be used in other production lines on site. SKF carried out a gearbox upgrade through reengineering the gears, bearings, casing and lubrication system. SKF also installed a monitoring system, accelerometer and temperature probe sensors in the pinion stand and machine condition transmitter modules. This means that the customer can continually monitor bearing temperatures and with vibration analysis carry out predictive maintenance at regular intervals.

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