Bearing data

Boundary dimensions: ISO 15
Except for:
  • Locating slots: ISO 20515 (table 1)

For additional information
→ Tolerances
Normal dimensional and geometrical tolerances

P6 geometrical tolerance on request
Except for:

  • SKF Explorer bearings:
    • P6 dimensional tolerance
    • P6 geometrical tolerance
    • width tolerance reduced to 0/–40 µm

Values: ISO 492 (table 2, table 3)

Contact angle

  • QJ 2, QJ 3 and QJ 10 series: 35°
  • QJ 12 series: 45°

For additional information
→ Selecting internal clearance or preload

Check availability of C2, C3, C4 or reduced ranges of standard clearance classes

Values: ISO 5753-2 (table 4)

Values are valid for unmounted bearings under zero measuring load.

Permissible misalignment

≈ 2 minutes of arc

Misalignment increases bearing noise and reduces bearing service life, and when it exceeds the guideline values, these effects become particularly noticeable.

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