Relubrication and running in


All SKF high temperature deep groove ball bearings are lubricated for the life of the bearing, except for open VA201 bearings, which require relubrication.
The general recommendation for an open VA201 bearing is to investigate the quality of the lubricating paste in the bearing every six months. If there is no longer a film of dry lubricant on the raceways, indicated by a bright metallic shiny track, remove residues of the old lubricant with a solvent and, when dried, replenish the bearing with lubricating paste.
Apply the paste in a thin layer. The paste should be evenly distributed around the entire raceways of the bearing, which can be done using a brush of medium hardness. It is important to rotate the bearing when it has been replenished with paste. Any collars of excess paste should be removed.

Running in

Following installation or relubrication, VA201 bearings operating at bearing temperatures below 200 °C (660 °F), while running at speeds below 25% of the limiting speed, require running in.
Running in requires that the bearing be run at a temperature of at least 200 °C (660 °F) for a minimum of 48 hours.
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