Indexing roller units

SKF indexing roller units are basically double row full complement cylindrical roller bearings (fig 1). In a few cases they are based on four-row full complement cylindrical roller bearings (fig 2). The very thick-walled outer ring has three integral flanges. The highly wear-resistant outside diameter is cylindrical, being relieved towards the side faces, or the transition takes the form of a chamfer. The inner ring is in two halves, each of which has an integral flange, which is designed to enable the units to carry heavy axial loads in addition to radial loads. O-rings inserted in a groove in the inner ring flange shoulders prevent contaminants from entering the bearing and lubricating grease from escaping; they also make the bearing a non-separable unit.
Indexing roller units were originally developed for use on the continuous furnaces of sintering and pelletising plants (fig 3). These ready-to-mount units are also suitable for all applications where heavy loads have to be accommodated and the direction of rotation is frequently reversed, or where rotational speeds are low.
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