MultiPoint automatic lubricator LAGD 1000 series

Centralised lubrication for up to 20 lubrication points

SKF MultiPoint Automatic Lubricator LAGD 1000 series
The SKF MultiPoint Automatic Lubricator LAGD 1000 is a reliable centralised lubrication system offering lubrication solutions for bearings and machinery. The LAGD 1000 uses a high-pressure pump and a progressive feeder for lubricating from 10 to 20 lubrication points. Supplied as a complete ready to use kit, all accessories required are included in the box.
  • Suitable for greases from NLGI 000 to NLGI 2, offers high flexibility in types of lubricants that can be used
  • Sturdy, robust design with IP65 rating, suitable for most industrial environments
  • Transparent reservoir, allows visual monitoring of lubricant level
  • Progressive divider so that exactly the same amount of grease reaches each lubrication point
  • 1 litre (33.8 US fl. oz) refillable grease container, increases intervals between re-filling
  • Extensive programming options, allowing flexibility to suit most applications
  • Empty container alarm, helps reduce the risks associated with lack of lubrication
  • Wide temperature range, helps meet a variety of tough operating conditions, year round
  • Cycle switch function notifies operator of blocked outlets so that proper action can be taken
  • SKF DialSet program or LubeSelect for SKF greases can be used to calculate the amount of grease required over a given time period.
Ordering designations
Voltage variantNumber of
lubrication points
DC: 24V DC10LAGD 1000/DC10
 12LAGD 1000/DC12
14LAGD 1000/DC14
16LAGD 1000/DC16
18LAGD 1000/DC18
20LAGD 1000/DC20
AC: 115-240 AC10LAGD 1000/AC10
12LAGD 1000/AC12
14LAGD 1000/AC14
16LAGD 1000/AC16
18LAGD 1000/AC18
20LAGD 1000/AC20

Technical data and accessories

  • LAGD 1000/DC
    Technical data
    LAGD 1000/DC..
    Max. operating pressure
    150 bars (2 175 psi)
    Permissible operating temperature
    -25 to 75 °C (-13 to 167 °F)
    Number of outlets
    10 to 20
    Max. length of pipes
    6 m (19.7 ft)
    6 x 1,25 mm (0.05 in.)
    Output of pump element
    2 cm³/min (0.122 in.³/min)
    Reservoir capacity
    1 litre (33.8 US fl. oz)
    up to NLGI grade 2
    Flow pressure < 700 mbar
    3,7 kg (8.2 lbs)
    System of protection
    Electrical specifications

    Power connection
    DIN EN 175 301-803, plug supplied
    Rated voltage
    24V DC
    Power consumption
    Battery type
    Type power input at 20 °C (68 °F)
    0,5 A
  • LAGD 1000/AC
  • Accessories

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