Shaft alignment tools

What can SKF offer?

After extensive consultation with users, SKF has developed a range of easy-to-use shaft alignment tools that are suitable for a majority of alignment tasks.

Shaft alignment tool selection guide

Selection guide
DesignationTKSA 20TKSA 60TKSA 80
Quick start guide
Allows operator to quickly become familiar with the alignment process. Full instructions in many languages are supplied on a CD.
Real-time values during the alignment process
Given during the alignment process, makes alignment corrections quick and easy
Soft foot check
Checks whether the machine is standing evenly on all feet. An essential check for good shaft alignment.
Easy pre-alignment
For machines that are grossly misaligned, the laser lines and scales enable rapid pre-alignment.
Fast measuring unit positioning
Through built-in spirit levels.
Through electronic inclinometer.




User selectable measurement units (mm or inch)
Language-free interface
Animated graphical interface-
Predefined and user definable tolerance tables
Greatly simplify assessment of the alignment.
Storing machine set-up data for future use
Alignment settings and results can be stored to the tool’s internal memory.
Built-in wireless technology-
Horizontal and vertical alignment-
Swap view
Enables graphics to be swapped from one side of the machine to the other to accommodate the user position
Energy efficiency indicator
Indicates the estimated extra energy consumption due to misalignment.
Machine train alignment
Up to 5 machines in a line.
Run-out check
The system reminds users to perform a simple measurement to look for bent shafts.
PC connection (USB)
Alignment settings and results can be downloaded to a PC via USB cable.
Fast/Full template (database)
Fast- machine details and recall of previous measurement results. Full- same as Fast + additional alignment parameters and colour coding for machine trains