To assist the customer design and machinery assembly process, SKF has developed optional accessories for the nuts and the ball screw assemblies.

For SX / BX nuts, dedicated flanges can be attached to the nut threaded nose, if that type of assembly is more favourable in application integration. Customized solutions are also available on request.

A full range of support bearings have been specifically designed for ball screws with nominal diameters starting from 16 mm. These support bearings can easily be mounted on the screw shaft ends, following SKF recommendations for ends machining. 

Three types of support bearings are available for fixed axial mounting
  • FLBU type, for fixed radial mounting 
  • PLBU type
  • and for pure radial support BUF type
All are fitted with SKF premium bearings, greased and sealed for life. SKF stocks these support bearings for quick delivery.

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