Support bearings for roller screws

FLRBU roller screw support bearings
SKF offers a full range of support bearings to be fitted on the machined ends of the planetary and recirculating roller screws. These support bearings incorporate high performance SKF ball bearings, plus efficient sealing solutions providing a long service life to the complete roller screw assembly.
The FLRBU support bearings can also be used for ball screw applications, if the standard support bearings designed for ball screws (FLBU, PLBU and BUF types) not cover the load requirements of the application.

FLRBU roller screw support bearings

Features and benefits

  • Precision machined housing made of burnished steel
  • SKF preloaded angular contact ball bearings, 72 or 73 series, in back-to-back arrangement (1+1 for smaller sizes, and 2+2 for bigger sizes)
  • Optional bearing arrangements on request, if the application present an axial loading situation with a preferred direction (1+3, or 3+1)
  • Bearing load carrying capacity matched to the roller screw load carrying capacity
  • Two garter seals
  • Standard high precision KMT nut
  • Standard screw shaft end machining defined for each of the FLRBU sizes
  • Standard assortment available for SR roller screws with nominal diameter up to 80 mm and SV roller screws with nominal diameter up to 100 mm. For larger roller screws, or heavy load applications, please consult SKF 
  • Complete bearing assembly ready to use, simplified application design, easy ordering process
  • Quick assembly onto shaft end
  • Elimination of most technical risks with bearing and seal assembly
  • Bearing's back-to-back assembly with preload providing stiff and accurate roller screw positioning
  • Greased for life / maintenance-free
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