Precision rolled ball screws, cylindrical flange SN / BN / PN

Precision rolled ball screws SN / BN / PN
The SKF range of ball screws with cylindrical flange nut design, based on precision rolling technology, offers compact, highly efficient driving solutions. With precision grinding of the nut outside diameter, flange face and nut thread, this design fits most positioning applications. If further positioning accuracy is required, SKF offers this range with backlash elimination or with preload.
This range of ball screws offers excellent value and is a competitive alternative to ground ball screws. In addition, it presents interchange with DIN nut designs in most applications and at a lower cost.

Features and benefits

  • Optional reduced axial play from 0,05 to 0,08 mm, depending on size (SN version)
  • Standard preload 7% to 8,5% of ball screw Ca value, depending on ball screw size (PN version)
  • Standard composite recirculation inserts
  • Optional steel recirculation inserts
  • Standard lead precision G5, G7 and G9
  • Nut ground outside diameter / flange face
  • Precision ground nut thread
  • Lubrication hole for grease nipple or for SKF SYSTEM 24 automatic lubrication kit
  • Optional surface coating on shaft and nut
  • Optional safety nuts. Please contact SKF
  • Optional wipers
  • Optional support bearings
  • Economical compact nut / integral flange for easy assembly
  • Precision ground nut well suited for positioning screws. G5 lead precision of ground ball screws
  • Optional steel recirculation inserts can act as a safety device for severe or vertical applications. Please contact SKF
  • Backlash elimination by oversized balls on request (BN designation)
  • One-piece nut with internal preload for compactness and optimum rigidity (PN version)

Technical data

Nominal diameter
from 16 to 63 mm
from 5 to 10 mm
Basic dynamic load capacity
from 5,5 to 81,5 kN
Basic static load capacity
from 7,1 to 206,9 kN
Maximum axial play
from 0,08 to 0,12 mm

Typical applications

  • Machine tool
  • Woodworking
  • Printing
  • Textile
  • Injection moulding
  • And many other applications

Precision rolled ball screws, cylindrical flange SN / BN / PN

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