Universal screws SX / BX

SX/BX universal screws
The SKF range of universal ball screws produced with precision rolling technology, offers compact, highly efficient driving solutions. The nut design incorporates a threaded nose for easy integration into any assembly. Optional dedicated flanges can be attached to the threaded nut nose, if that type of assembly is more favourable to the application integration. Customized solutions are available.
Offering similar insert recirculation and nut design, the SX / BX range is the “big brother” of the SD / BD range.

Features and benefits

  • Optional reduced axial play from 0,05 to 0,08 mm, depending on size
  • Standard composite recirculation inserts
  • Optional steel recirculation inserts
  • Lubrication hole for grease nipple or for SKF SYSTEM 24 automatic lubrication kit
  • Nut phosphate coating for corrosion protection
  • Optional shaft surface coating
  • Optional safety nuts
  • Optional nut flanges
  • Optional wipers
  • Optional support bearings
  • Minimum nut outside diameter / threaded nose for easy assembly
  • Nut design well adapted and economical for transport screw applications
  • Optional steel recirculation inserts can act as a safety device for severe or vertical applications
  • Backlash elimination by oversized balls on request (BX designation)
  • BX design suitable for applications with vibration / frequent changes of direction

Technical data

Nominal diameter
from 20 to 63 mm
from 5 to 40 mm
Basic dynamic load capacity
from 14 to 91,2 kN
Basic static load capacity
from 23,8 to 248,3 kN
Maximum axial play
from 0,1 to 0,12 mm

Typical applications

  • Transport
  • Material handling
  • And many other applications

Universal screws SX/BX

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