Linear ball bearings LBC, D-series

Linear ball bearings LBC-D

Representing the next generation of SKF linear ball bearings, the new LBC, D-series improves on the already best-in-class LBC range with features that include higher load ratings, longer life and reduced friction.

LBC, D-series bearings consist of a cage and raceway segments to support ball sets and seals. Raceways feature exceptionally long track and precision profiles to accommodate heavy loads. The new series is available for shaft diameters from 12 to 40 mm, with the choice of double-lip seals. Stainless steel versions are available for a wide range of harsh applications, and can be used in combination with SKF stainless steel guiding shafts for robust resistance to humidity and other adverse conditions.


Features and benefits

Improved load ratings and lifetime

Depending on the specific bearing size, LBC, D-series linear ball bearings can deliver up to 15% higher dynamic load capacity and up to 50% longer bearing lifetime than previous LBC designs. Optimized ball tracks and larger rolling elements (fig 1.) enable the performance increases, and in turn, greater reliability and productivity for the application. Higher load carrying capacity also gives product designers and manufacturers the flexibility to downsize designs or increase loading.

Full ISO interchangeability

Boundary dimensions and tolerances of the LBC, D-series linear ball bearings are in accordance with ISO 10285 standards, making them fully interchangeable (fig. 2) with previous LBC or other ISO Series 3 bearings. For product designers and manufacturers, the new LBC, D-series bearings offer a flexible, drop-in replacement option for existing equipment designs.

Self-aligning capacity

The LBC, D-series linear ball bearings includes the self-aligning LBCD variant (fig. 3). Self-aligning LBC, D-series linear ball bearings can accommodate tilting of the whole bearing through an angle of ±30 minutes of arc. This tilting feature compensates for misalignments caused by fitting or manufacturing tolerances, or by significant bending of an unsupported shaft. The LBC, D-series cage, seals and shields have been optimized to accommodate the self-aligning feature so that the bearing, shields and seals remain concentric with the shaft. LBC, D-series bearings ensure good running characteristics despite misalignment, ultimately supporting increased bearing lifetime and reduced maintenance demands.

Optimized cage design

LBC, D-series bearings have an optimized cage design with fewer overall components than previous generations, a reduction that increases the reliability of the bearing and the application. The new cage design features larger ball sizes, ball tracks, grease reservoir and recirculation zones (fig. 4). This combination of features helps ensure smooth operation with less friction and noise, making LBC, D-series bearings a very good option even for sensitive applications like those found in the medical industry.

Factory pre-lubrication

All LBC, D-series bearings and units are factory-lubricated with the optimum amount of SKF LGEP2 grease (fig. 5). Pre-lubrication means LBC, D-series bearings arrive “shaft ready” to help reduce assembly times and mounting mistakes, while no lubrication requirements after mounting helps cut costs. Food industry-approved and other greases are available on request.

Easier mounting

To help make bearing mounting procedures more ergonomic, LBC, D-series bearings feature two indicator marks on the front side: one for main load direction, one for lubrication port position (fig. 6). The indicators enable fast bearing orientation in the housing, reducing the chance of errors as well as bearing mounting times.

Linear ball bearing LBC, D series

LBC, D-series from SKF

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