Dovetail slides SSM / SSK

Dovetail slide SSM
SSM and SSK are hand driven tables with a sliding screw, external locking device and dovetail sliding surfaces as guidings. The top and base have square attachment hole patterns.
SSM / SSK are used in critical surrounding condition where heavy shock loads and / or vibration need to be absorbed. Two versions are available: with micrometer knurl (designation SSM) and with crank handle (SSK).
The range of dovetail slides is in accordance with our modular design, so the dimensions are identical with those of the precision slides.

Features and benefits

  • Robustness and high load carrying capacity through full carrying surfaces
  • Appropriate for high vibrations and shocks, which make use of rolling elements impossible
  • Excellent vibration damping
  • High resistance against contamination
  • Top plate longer than base plate to protect exposed guidings and screw
  • Stroke limited by end plates
  • Manual operation by lead screw (with clearance)
  • Clearance adjustable

Technical data

Guiding principle
dry sliding full carrying contact surface
50 mm to 300 mm
25 mm to 75 mm
Stroke range
25 mm to 500 mm
Operating temperature
-30°C to +80°C
with micrometer knurl (SSM) or crank handle (SSK)

Typical applications

  • Printing
  • Factory automation
  • General machinery
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