PRG with ball assemblies
LWRB series

Precision rail guide LWRB
LWRB precision rail guides with ball assemblies (fig. 1) can be used where loads are light and/or low friction is required. This series is the smallest within our product range. LWJK ball assemblies, which are used together with LWRB rails, are provided with a ball-retaining plastic cage. Additionally SKF offers the precision rail guide LWRB with anti-creeping system ACSM (fig. 2) that helps to keep the ball assembly in the intended position.
For the whole product range, technical data or mounting instructions, please have a look to the Precision rail guide catalogue.
Technical data
StandardWith ACSM
RangeSize 1 and 2Size 2
Speed2 m/s2 m/s
Acceleration25 m/s2160 m/s2
Parallelismdown to 1 µm / 200 mm rail
Operating temperature
-30 to +80 °C (higher temperatures possible, depending on cage material)
Dynamic load rating for 10 rolling elements
up to 640 N *
C0 10 
Static load rating for 10 rolling elements
up to 720N *
* adjustable to application demands

Typical applications

  • Measuring devices
  • Ophthalmic
  • Semiconductor production

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