PRG with slide coating

LWRPM/LWRPV precision rail guide with slide coating
LWRPM/LWRPV rail guides are linear guides fitted with Turcite-B slide coating (fig. 1) Based on PTFE, this material is self-lubricating and offers excellent sliding properties. The coating is bonded to the LWRPM rail and subsequently ground to size. The LWRPV rail is hardened and ground. In order to avoid damage to the sliding surface of the LWRPM rail, the LWRPV rail has a lead-in radius as standard. LWRPM/LWRPV rail guides should be used where rail guides with rolling element assemblies are unsuitable due to external influences, for example, extremely short strokes, shock loads or dusty environment.
For the whole product range, technical data or mounting instructions, please have a look to the Precision rail guide catalogue.
LWRPM/LWRPV rail guides are characterised by:
  • Stick-slip-free operation
  • Smooth running.
  • Good emergency running properties.
  • Low wear and high reliability
  • Resistance to contamination.
  • Excellent vibration damping properties
Technical data
RangeSize 3, 6, 9
Operating temperature-30 to +80 °C
Load capacityup to 1200 N/100 mm
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