Profile rail guides LLR

In contrast to the LLT range, the design of profile rail guides LLR feature an O-arrangement (fig. 1). This results in a high load carrying capacity and better absorption of high moment loads in single rail configuration (fig. 2).
For further details, please see the LLT section.

Features and benefits

  • Virtually unlimited stroke
  • Integrated all-around sealing and factory pre-lubrication
  • High load capacity in all main directions
  • Wide range of carriages and accessories

Technical data

Rangefrom size 15 to 45 mm
Speed5 m/s
Accelerationup to 500 m/s2
up to 5 µm /1.000 mm
Operating temperature-20 to +80 °C
Shaft length in one piece
up to 4 000 mm
up to 90 000 N
C0up to 128 500 N

Typical applications

  • Factory automation, e.g. handling devices
  • Injection moulding
  • Machine tool, e.g. woodworking
  • Medical
  • Printing and packaging

Profile rail guides LLR

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