Distributor Portal

Welcome to the SKF VSM Distributor Portal!

Designed specifically for automotive and commercial vehicle aftermarket distributors, the SKF Distributor Portal allows access to a variety of resources to help improve overall operations and profitability as well as keep distributors up-to-date about the industry.

To introduce the new SKF VSM Distributor Portal, we are posting the first in a series of Economic Distributor Series booklet – see download and description below.

Price Cutting Booklet

“Smart pricing” means getting the best gross profit on every sale. Pricing to make a profit is the most important way to build a strong, healthy business. You must control costs and operate efficiently, too. The Price Cutting Booklet provides information on gross profit margin, the effects of price cutting and controlling inventory to maintain profitability.

Download the Price Cutting Booklet here:

Power of One Booklet

Some people say that an individual doesn’t have the power to make a difference. Don’t believe it. The Power of One booklet reminds us that using the power we all possess – the Power of One – we can seize opportunities to make modest, effective and steady improvements. Every contribution counts – no matter how small.

Download the Power of One Booklet here:

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