SKF Vietnam sponsors for the 45th year anniversary of diplomatic relations between Sweden and Vietnam.

45 years SWE VNM relations opening

2014 February 22, 14:19 SGT

HO CHI MINH CITY –A whole year of events to celebrate the 45th year anniversary of diplomatic relations between Sweden and Vietnam.


On February the 22nd 2014, SKF Vietnam has participated in the opening event organized by the Embassy of Sweden in Hanoi to celebrate this important milestone.


Swedenhas been the first country to entertain diplomatic relations with Vietnam since 1969 and SKF Vietnam, with its 23 years of presence in the country and a long history of commitment towards the Vietnamese community, has decided to be a golden partner of the Embassy of Sweden in arranging those celebrations.


The kick-off to the celebrations has been given by the Swedish Ambassador Camilla Mellander, opened the press conference with a speech about the relations between the two countries and how Sweden has been contributing to the positive development of Vietnam in the last 45 years.


The kermesse has seen the participation as emissaries of the Vietnamese Government Mdm Nguyen Phuong Nga, vice minister of foreign affairs and Mr Hoang Tuan Anh, Minister of Culture, sports and tourism that has delivered a keynote speech to emphasize on the role played by Sweden and Swedish companies in the development of Vietnam.


The press conference has been followed by an aperitif in the amazing atmosphere of the Hanoi Opera House where subsequently there has been a singing performance of the Swedish trio Vocalettes, which has impressed the audience with outstanding covers of the ABBA, still very popular in Vietnam; and by the participation of the popular Vietnamese singer My Linh.


The event has been a great opportunity for SKF to interact with the many companies present and it is only the first one of many that will be organized during the year.

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