Pitch control and dampers

SKF products
  • Self-lubricating spherical plain bearings
  • Elastomeric motion control devices
Typical solutions

SKF offers various self-lubricating spherical plain bearing solutions incorporating Extended Life technology:
  • Spherical plain bearing
  • Ball pin assembly
  • Rod end bearing assembly
  • Turnbuckle assembly (incorporating rod end or ball pin assemblies)
  • Fixed link assembly
    • 4x turnbuckle assemblies (incorporating ball pin assemblies) are used for the pitch controls.
    • 4x damper assemblies (incorporating ball pin assemblies and spherical plain bearings) are used for the dampers.
SKF also offers a variety of elastomeric motion control devices used in various tail rotor designs. These include:
  • Laminated elastomeric bearings
  • Laminated elastomeric rods ends
  • Visco-elastic lead lag dampers
Some aircraft utilise both technology products in their tail rotor assembly, choosing a laminated elastomeric bearing at one end of a fixed link, and a self-lubricating bearing at the other end. Generally speaking, the customer’s design principles will dictate the choice of bearing technology.

Elastomeric motion control devices:
  • SKF recommends the use of laminated elastomeric pitch control rod ends when the design envelope can accommodate the required larger dimensions.
  • SKF has experience with laminated elastomeric bearings utilised for flapping and blade retention on the tail rotor. These designs are unique to each OEM.
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