Customized sealing solutions as standard - Rotary unions

Flexible retrofit solution when you need it most

R1U seal
R1U seal

SKF rotary unions seals R1U for filling machines is a springless rotary lip seal features a flexible, low-friction lip design that delivers good lip tracking ability despite any eccentricities.

  • Good sealing ability, performs reliably in contact with different processed foods and beverages
  • Straightforward retrofit, can be adapted to any kind of housing
  • Food safety compliance (use of grade material)

Technology upgrade that can reduce maintenance cost and frequency

R2U seal
R2U seal

SKF rotary unions seals R2U for filling machines is a low-friction rotary lip seal. It has superior performance in applications with challenging speeds and temperatures and requiring costly and frequent replacements.

  • Reduced replacement needs of mechanical components, leading to reduced maintenance costs and considerable resource savings in dismounting & mounting
  • Reliable operation even with increased  speed, temperature and under poor lubrication conditions

This seal used in existing arrangements requires mechanical modifications. Please contact your SKF sales partner or distributor.

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