Suction press rolls

Accommodate shaft misalignment and expansion and achieve high running accuracy

Like most applications in a paper machine, suction press rolls are subject to misalignment and axial expansion of the shaft, which the bearings must accommodate.

In addition, bearings operate at relatively high speeds in suction press rolls. It's essential that the gap between the cylinder and the press roll remains constant to help ensure an accurate press nip and good quality paper.

For large bearings that run fast, high running accuracy is important. Vibrations from inferior bearings may lead to uneven paper thickness and increased wear on the felt. This results in increased maintenance costs.

The presence of a vacuum also affects the stability of the lubricant in the ‘inner’ bearing often resulting in premature bearing failure. SKF Application Engineering can assist with solutions to this common problem.
SKF can help
SKF solutions for suction press rolls can help increase bearing performance and life, minimize maintenance costs and simplify mounting.

SKF solutions for suction press rolls

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