Lime kilns

Improve grease and bearing service life

Kiln maintenance is usually time-based, so hard-driven components must last until the next interval. That's not so easy when even the kiln's outer shell can reach 400° C - enough to reduce lubricant viscosity inside bearings and eventually cause failures.

Tumbling loads and dust can also lead to bearing contamination and additional failures.

Energy consumption is also increasingly an issue, as energy costs are rising rapidly and the emission of greenhouse gases needs to be reduced.

Count on SKF
SKF solutions can keep bearings and other kiln components up and running between maintenance intervals while reducing maintenance demands and costs.

A wide range of solutions from SKF
SKF can help with solutions that include:
  • Condition monitoring equipment, thermography for example, that helps reduce maintenance costs
  • High performance bearing, sealing and lubrication solutions that help improve efficiency and reliability

SKF solutions for lime kilns

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