Robust SKF Kiln Support Rollers deliver high availability

2014 August 06, 11:14 Africa

SKF’s flexible Support Roller System was the ideal solution for a minerals processing customer based in Olifantsfontein who experienced constant Kiln failure.


The main causes of the failures were poor running accuracy as well as an inferior design that was incapable of withstanding the harsh environmental conditions. The standing time incurred due to these constant failures resulted in substantial cost repercussions and decreased production for the processing company.


The extreme heat generated inside a Kiln oven or furnace must be maintained in order to remove moisture from a substance. “This is one of the most stringent environments,” says SKF South Africa’s Manshil Singh who explains that the role of Kiln Rollers is to support the Kiln and allow for slow rotation. “The bearings of the Rollers must be capable of withstanding large static and dynamic loads and must be carefully protected from Kiln heat and dust ingress.”


The flexible Support Roller System from SKF delivers high availability and low operating costs. The complete solution includes:

  • Robust roller design capable of withstanding harsh conditions, including high temperatures.
  • Improved material specification of the 1m diameter Support Roller to better manage the dynamic loading of the kiln.
  • On-site alignment and balancing to ensure maximum contact with kiln tyre.

“We customised the sealing to prevent dust ingress and lubricant contamination so that the Support Roller assembly could cope with such stringent conditions,” stresses Singh.  


The SKF Support Roller System was seamlessly integrated into the customer’s infrastructure, keeping down time to an absolute minimum. Premium SKF products were used to improve running accuracy and stringent quality control procedures were implemented to warrant reliability of assembly. Reduced maintenance, the superior reliability and performance of the Support Roller assembly add great value for the customer by minimising loss of production.


“Because this value add and strong customer relationships are very important to SKF, we always strive to find the right product that delivers fast and effective solutions,” continues Singh. “In addition to bringing an optimum solution to our customer, the success of the Support Roller System through the delivery of benefits has helped strengthen the relationship with our customer. The solution also sets a benchmark for which the performance of other Support Rollers can be evaluated against,” concludes Singh.


The order was received in January 2014 and delivery, which commenced in April, is taking place in stages, with final delivery in August 2014. 

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