SKF South Africa takes its solutions offering to customers in Botswana

2015 April 14, 12:37 Africa

SKF South Africa successfully completed its first ever Mapro roadshow in Botswana.

When Pius Storom, owner of JRK Investments, based in Gaborone, Botswana, approached SKF South Africa to discuss bringing SKF products and application information closer to his customers in the region, the idea of a road show took shape. “We saw it as the ideal opportunity for new and existing customers to see what SKF has to offer,” says SKF’sKey Account Manager Mining and Mineral Processing, Paul Bekker who, along with Eddie Martens, SKF Product Manager MAPRO, worked closely with Storom to put this historic event together. “This wasthe first time that SKF conducted a road show in Botswana,” adds Bekker.

The SKF MaproVan was incorporated into the road show to heighten SKFbrand visibility and presence. 

“This high-techmobile promotional and training vehiclewas designed by SKF to host hospitality events, training classes and meetings and is configured to show complete application and promote SKF MAPRO products,” explains Martens. “Oncethe forum is established, it creates the ideal forum to discuss all five SKF product platforms –bearings and units, seals, lubrication systems, power transmission, mechatronics, and mechanical and reliability engineering services.”

During the five-day road show which took place in March 2015,SKF’sMaproVan travelled 1600kms and visited five of the most prominent mining and industrial customers in Botswana.Martens and Bekker accompanied by JRK sales personnel, spent a full day at each site, demonstrating products and talking to as many mining personnel as possible.                                              


SKF will continue to strategically grow its geographical footprint through-out Southern Africa by partnering with companies that share the same growth aspirations and market strategies. This approach is in line with the company’s global vision to ‘Equip the world with SKF knowledge’.

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