De Oever - Support for kids and young adults

SKF Logistics Services Belgium supports De Oever, a non-profit organisation which is concerned about the well-being of families and their children/adolescents. Since De Oever only deals with cases that have been referred to them by a committee on special education or by a juvenile court, they deal often need to deal with difficult situations.

The organisation was founded shortly after the Belgian independence in 1840, in the centre of Hasselt. In the beginning, they took care of the children that were abandoned, but through the years, they started focusing on the entire family instead. 

Nowadays, they support well over 100 children/adolescents and their families. Some hundreds are living in the different establishments of De Oever. Nevertheless, each year, the number of applications for guidance outnumbers the amount of available spots, through which waiting lists are growing rapidly. Consequently this organisation can use as many additional resources as possible.

In order to raise funds for the organisation, SKF in Tongeren, Belgium organises activities such as quiz evenings, Easter events, bake sales, spaghetti evenings and other fun activities.


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