The Gothenburg Award for Sustainable Development

In 2014, the prize was awarded Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever.
Forrecognizing individuals and organisations for their contribution to sustainable development

SKF Sweden is one of the eleven regional companies in Göteborg, together with the City of Göteborg founded the City of Göteborg International Environmental Prize in 2000, which is now called the Gothenburg Award for Sustainable Development.

The prize of one million Swedish Krona is awarded every year to individuals or organisations that have demonstrated positive progress towards sustainable development or created strategically interesting environmental projects, nationally or globally.

The sponsorship gives SKF the opportunity to communicate SKF's value to a larger audience about being a responsible corporate citizen and to foster great initiatives of environmental or social projects

The Göteborg Award for Sustainable Development is awarded to individuals or organisations in recognition of their work in:
  • making more efficient use of resources
  • promoting renewable raw material and eco-cycle solutions
  • finding technical breakthrough or "system changes" of vital importance
  • process promotional and contribution to an increase in environmental awareness and greater global justice through knowledge transfer and by influencing people's opinions

Winners of 2015 award

The 2015 theme for the Gothenburg Award for Sustainable Development is The Energy Transition – Solar Energy and Energy Efficiency.

This year’s prize in the area of solar energy is awarded to Jeremy Leggett and this year’s prize in the field of energy efficiency is awarded to Peter Hennicke and Beate Weber-Schuerholz.

For more information on the 2015 winner, and on previous years' winners, please visit the Gothenburg Award for Sustainable Development homepage.

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