The International Science Festival

Every spring, the International Science Festival (Vetenskapsfestivalen) takes place in Gothenburg and is one of the most renowned science events in Europe.
The festival has something to offer to everyone, from general public, school children, teachers, to researchers. It also covers every aspect of science such as humanities, social science, medicine, and science and technology.
The festival, organised by Göteborg & Co. together with a number of partners and sponsors, is held at various venues, from museums, libraries to shopping centres and city parks.
The aim of the event is to stimulate positive attitudes towards science and its role in the society by bringing science to the general public. It is also to provide a meeting place for the research community.
SKF has been a proud sponsor since 1996.
Through the sponsorship, SKF is establishing a relationship with the youth at an early stage. There is a general increase in enrollment in universities of technology and sciences in the country. The increase in public interests coincide with the long-term interest of SKF to position itself as a preferred employer.
For more photos from the yearly event or more information, please visit the official website.
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