Wissenswerkstatt - Technical workshop

Wissenswerkstatt – or the Knowledge Workshop is a place for young people between the ages of 8-18 to come and learn about mathematics, IT matters, natural and technical science and the natural environment at an early age.

The technical learning centre is located in the heart of Schweinfurt - a city of long industrial and technical heritage, the home of SKF’s largest facility and the SKF Germany’s head office.

The initiative is supporting technical and mechanical knowledge to be provided to young people to stimulate innovation and maintain a technological leadership in the area. The centre has been brought up by the City of Schweinfurt with financial means from SKF GmbH an other local industrial companies –  Schaeffler Technologies, Fresenius Medical Care and ZF Friedrichshafen AG Schweingfurt.

The Schweinfurt centre is the third of its kind, the previous others are located in Friedrichshafen and Passau.

In addition to just be a fun and stimulating activity, the idea is that young people should at an early stage get the chance to learn about mathematics, IT matters, natural and technical science and the natural environment, i.e. gain technical and practical knowledge and see the perspectives for their education in this field.

The centre is located right in the centre of Schweinfurt, at the Martin-Luther-Platz and is equipped with machinery for metal and wood operations, with electrical and steering technology. There are also rooms for physics and chemistry experiments as well as IT offers. Children and young people from 8 to 18 can investigate for themselves and do research attempts and exciting experiments regarding technical phenomena and daily life technique.
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