Create additional value in the communities around SKF

The capacity to use business and economic growth to support the local communities and to create additional value in the communities around SKF’s operations, enhancing the company’s reputation within the community and workforce.

Goal 8 - Economic growth and decent work because the economy is the engine that keeps social development in motion and the taxes from our operations is the most significant contribution.

Goal 17 - Partnerships for the goals because SKF and our business partners work with the principles set out by the Global Compact and other organizations to make sure that business is a force for prosperity.

Goal 16 - Peace, justice and strong institutions because our main contribution to the communities around us comes from our business, that we conduct business in an ethical way and pay taxes where we make our profit.

Goal 2 - No hunger because many of our additional one-off community care activities are made to benefit underprivileged.

Goal 4 - Quality education because many community care initiatives - both ad-hoc and more strategic ones - focus on education. Education empowers people and education is the key to the long-term development or our business.

Goal 5 - Gender equality because several of our community care activities strive for inclusion, equality and and diversity, to get more young women into education in general and engineering in particular.

SKF paid 25% of its profit in corporate income tax in 2016.

This amounted to about 1.9 billion SEK. 

34 SKF country organization reported Community Care activities in 2016. These make up over 90% of the Group's operations.

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