SKF @ptitude Analyst and SKF @ptitude Inspector

A comprehensive software solution with powerful diagnostic and analytical capabilities

SKF @ptitude Analyst provides fast, efficient and reliable storage, analysis and retrieval of complex asset information. It is scalable to your specific needs, whether it is operator inspection rounds, on-line and periodic condition monitoring data collection or in-depth vibration analysis and expert advice.

Software tailored to SKF Microlog Inspector/MARLIN user needs

SFK @ptitude Inspector
SKF @ptitude Inspector is the SKF @ptitude Analyst software specifically targeted for ODR use. Combined with the SKF Microlog Inspector / SKF MARLIN system, it enables operations personnel to make their rounds, collecting machine condition, inspection and process data easily and efficiently in the palm-sized unit.

SKF @ptitude Analyst supporting applications and add-ons

The SKF @ptitude Monitoring Suite is a modular software solution that conforms to your needs. You may add or remove functionality as your system expands or optimize it to your condition monitoring needs (fig 1). The data sheet lists the optional supporting applications and core application add-ons available for SKF @ptitude Analyst and SKF @ptitude Inspector.
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