Flow monitors and flow sensors

Flow monitors have the task of monitoring the flow of oil from a pump or metering device to the lube point. Flow monitors with various designs are used for this job. A further task involves monitoring a continuous flow of oil from a pump through a lubrication system.
Flow sensors keep an eye on the flow of oil from a metering point to the lube point, the metering point metering out a small amount of oil for only a short period of time.
Oil-streak sensors monitor the continuity of the oil flow in SKF Oil+Air systems. Aerosol monitors monitor the continuity of the aerosol flow in SKF LubriLean Minimal Quantity Lubrication systems.

So the following points have to be observed when selecting an appropriate monitoring device:
  • intermittent or continuous operation
  • kind of lubrication system
  • oil quantity to be monitored
  • eff. viscosity of the lubricant
  • system pressure.

In the table you can find technical details of flow monitors and sensors.

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