Control and monitoring systems - Consumption measurement

Control and monitoring (alarms)

Control and monitoring for ink supply systems

SKF ink supply systems offer different levels of control comfort. Simple control has no display and only offers standard control functions only. Comfortable control and monitoring consists of compatible modules which might be combined with each other and therefore permits various levels of operating comfort.

All system modules can be integrated into a network, e.e. an alarm message from the basic container also appears on the display of the ink level control at the press desk. All displays are designed as touch screens and thus allow a very high level of operating comfort. Interfaces to in-house networks are available and can be integrated at any time.

The visualization of the tank systems is realized via a color touch screen. All relevant information is displayed in a well-organized and easily identifiable way at the central control cabinet. This control can be customized and include virtually any customers needs.

Consumption measurement

Ink consumption measurement records and displays ink consumption for each press separately. Thus the exact ink quantities for each job are available and can be allocated directly to the individual jobs for cost calculation.

This means total cost accountability for each print job. Consumption recording is done via measuring heads integrated into the tubing at the press. A separate flowmeter is installed for each color.

The consumption is displayed on the control screen. Optionally, this can be integrated into the press control desk in combination with an additional line.

With certain prerequisites, it is also possible to connect it to an in-house network. In cases where the press is supplied with two different types of ink, the signals of the measuring heads are recorded and displayed separately.

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