Ink supply systems for the graphics industry

Tailored system solutions for supplying ink to your press

Ink supply during the printing process to support sheet-fed offset
Ink supply during the printing process to support reel-fed offset printing

To automate and centralize ink supply at your printing facility – that is our job. With our experience, we have tailored system solutions for every process. Whether the supply is from cartridges, tins, interchangeable casks or larger drums for tank systems – SKF has the solution. The ink is supplied directly from the ink supplier’s container to the presses or ink fountains respectively, without additional intervention.

Features and benefits:

  • Ink supply systems are closed pump systems for the automatic feeding of printing inks. The closed system prevents any contact with the skin – especially important where UV inks are used, because these inks contain substances that may cause skin irritation
  • Compared to manual ink fountain filling, automatic ink supply systems prevent possible soiling of the workplace from ink spilling. Thus pollution at the workplace is reduced
  • Ink supply systems allow filling from bulk containers of 200 kg and more instead of small tins. In addition, rectangular containers (from 300 kg) are obtainable as returnable drums. This significantly reduces the amount of waste from empty ink tins (hazardous waste)

Applications in the graphics industry:

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