Ink feeding systems and accessories

Manual systems

Manual ink fountain filling

The ink fountains can be filled manually. For example, for this purpose a system using a hose reel is available. The operator takes the hose and outlet tap directly to the ink fountain and carries out the filling operation. The simplified version would be a hose of a fixed length and shut-off tap with antidrip valve at the end.

Another variation is filling via an ink filling tube that is integrated into the ink fountain. The operator opens the ink feed via a ball valve and the ink flows directly into the ink fountain. In this case, the filling process is monitored by the operator.

Semi-automatic system

Semi-automatic ink fountain filling

Here the filling is also performed by the printer. By pressing a button at the printing unit, the operator opens the ink valve and keeps it open until the desired level in the ink fountain has been reached.

The filling is done via an ink filling tube with an upstream ink valve that is integrated into the ink fountain. In this case, the operator also monitors the filling process.

Automatic system

Automatic ink fountain filling

The automatic version is certainly the most comfortable and best solution. A sensor monitors the ink level in the fountain. If the level drops below the set standard, the ink valve is opened and ink flows into the fountain.

An ink filling tube installed across the ink fountain with separately controllable outlet nozzles ensures the even distribution of the ink across the full width of the fountain. The operator can fill the ink fountain by hand at all times, but that is usually not necessary. In the event of a fault, e.g. minimum level alarm or overflow alarm, the system control emits an acoustic alarm signal.

Cartridge systems

Cartridge system for ink fountain filling

The 2 kg ink cartridge is firmly established as an innovative system especially for sheet-fed printing operations with low ink consumption and frequent colour change.

Whether pneumatic hand-held control handles or automatic compressing devices for dispensing: both systems offer a high degree of user-friendliness, working comfort and last but not least ink economies due to very small amounts of ink residue in the cartridge.

When emptying via the simple hand-held control handle, the compressed air is opened via a pushbutton and the ink squeezed out of the cartridge by the pressure. The operator distributes the ink directly during the dispensing process across the entire ink fountain.

The other alternative is a dispensing system integrated into the printing unit. The emptying of the cartridge is also performed either at the push of a button or can be continuous. For continuous dispensing, the compressed air pressure is set such that a small amount of ink constantly runs into the ink fountain while the valve is open. Ink distribution is done via the rotating fountain roller.

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