Condition monitoring solutions

SKF Marine Condition Monitoring Kit
Based on a wide range of condition monitoring products and services, SKF has developed a specific range of monitoring solutions for critical advanced propulsion systems.

From waterjets to thrusters and electric pods, SKF Marine offers portable and fully on-line and wireless monitoring systems that enable OEMs and end-users to optimize propulsion systems, and ship efficiency and reliability.

User-friendly portable data collection devices

SKF Marine provides a leading range of portable instruments for collection, storage and review of machine condition and process data. The instruments have a long history in the marine industry and are the on-board crew's preferred choice due to their rugged and user-friendly designs.

  • SKF Microlog Data Collectors/Analyzers: the SKF Microlog series of analyzers and portable maintenance instruments are designed to enable a user to establish a comprehensive periodic condition monitoring program. As a diagnostic tool, SKF Microlog instruments are unequalled in their class.
  • SKF Microlog Inspector systems: the SKF Microlog Inspector system is the link that turns your data into profitability. The SKF Microlog Inspector system makes analysis of machine performance easy and convenient.

On-line systems speed up data collection and improve safety

For critical, inaccessible or hazardous on board machinery, an SKF on-line machine condition monitoring system is a viable solution. On-line systems allow reliability and maintenance personnel to focus on diagnosing and correcting equipment problems rather than spending precious time collecting condition monitoring data.

SKF Marine has a comprehensive product range and field service backed by decades of field experience.


From transducers such as eddy current probe displacement sensors, accelerometers and velocity sensors, to machinery monitoring of all classes in multiple industries, SKF has developed a range of industrial vibration sensors that incorporates over three decades of practical experience.

Mating cables, connectors and hardware are also provided, so it's easier to buy and specify the exact solution for the cutomers individual requirements.

SKF @ptitude Decision Support

The SKF @ptitude Decision Support system helps to keep machinery up and running. The dedicated decision support software links with a range of data sources, including ERP and EAM/CMMS to provide information essential to effective machine and process analysis, diagnosis, report and corrective action. Labour-intensive data analysis is replaced with an automated process that identifies the probability of specific faults within an asset or process and then prescribes appropriate action, thus enabling accurate, timely, and consistent decision making and work order notification.

SKF Results Reporter

SKF Results Reporter is a data management and reporting system that provides a complete solution for fleets of all sizes. Available in modular packages, from a ground level reporting tool to a fully-enabled web portal for data mining and analysis, customers select the combination that will best meet the needs of their business.It allows personnel to collect information at one site, analyze it at another and view the information from many locations.

The most comprehensive programme of its kind, SKF Results Reporter can assist customers with root cause failure analysis, cost calculation and tracking, and even apply complex mathematical formulas to help minimizing decision making time, and optimize the decision making ability.
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