Basky project

Vocational training for teenagers in Steyr

The cooperation between Basar GesmbH, Job & Go Youth Support Project and SKF Österreich AG (Austria) has resulted in something that touches the hearts of many young adults in the neighbourhood.
The BASKY project (stands for Basar SKF City) is a joint effort to help young adults, between the ages of 15 and 23, who suffer from physical, psychological and/or mental disability. SKF provides mentorship and practical training to help increase their job application chances in the society.

Practical training not only prepares them for the daily routine of work, but also helps them in improving their skills, enhances their strengths as well as to improve their weaknesses. More importantly, the young adults needed someone to talk to and a network to the society.

Regular meetings between the trainees and SKF employees were held. SKF Austria also organises several programmes and activities such as practical training positions (within SKF or elsewhere), further education seminars, environmental awareness on recycling, nutrition and hygiene, together with trainers from Basar.

The active involvement of SKF and trainers from Basar not only has successfully helped the young adults integrated into the society, but also increased their self-esteem and self confidence in the society.

Mutual benefit
Through participations in the programme, SKF employees also get the chance to network with other employees from different departments of the company.
"With this project, the understanding and acknowledgement of the importance for CSR has increased within the whole SKF organization, which underlines the fact that not only profit is important but also the sustainability of society.

This is also something that the employees of SKF are extremely proud of and which makes SKF stands out compared to other companies.
" Employees from SKF Austria.
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