Four Kings Wheelchair Rugby Team

Four Kings
Helping people to break barriers and making their dreams come true

SKF Polska SA started to support the Four Kings wheelchair rugby team in 2010. The Four Kings are a team of about 20 professional wheelchair rugby players with quadriplegia. The dynamic, spectacular sport of rugby is their life.
Initially, SKF supported the Four Kings with products and technical expertise. To make the players' dreams come true, SKF Polska
collaborated with other partners toorganise the Mazovia Cup - one of the major wheelchair rugby tournaments in Poland.

This two-day high-adrenaline event brought a lot of publicity to disability sport in the local media. SKF Polska not only financially sponsored the event, but also provided help in the organising the event, promotional arrangements and finding more partners and sponsors for the team.
The Mazovia Cup tournament was just the starting point for promoting the Four Kings and support for the disabled community. SKF Polska presented the Four Kings at Poland's biggest automotive trade fair, where visitors took part in show rugby games. The three-day event attracted about 25,000 visitors.
The Four Kings are a three-time champion of Poland, and SKF Polska will be there to help them compete in major team tournaments in Europe and win further championship titles.
Employees from
SKF Polskaconcluded, "it is all about is changing the way disability is approached. People with disabilities are everywhere, and they are often more fit and healthy than many of us."
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