Alemite 14,4v Li-Ion Grease Gun, Series 586

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    Alemite 586 14.4 Volt Lithium-Ion Grease Gun

    2016 March 15, 09:31 CST

    Johnson City, TN - Alemite has announced the launch of its new 14.4 Volt Lithium-Ion Grease Gun for equipment maintenance. As latest addition to Alemite’s growing range of Li-ion battery-powered grease guns, the new 14.4 Volt model combines proven heavy-duty performance with durable, ergonomic design. In addition it provides the benefits of Lithium-ion battery technology to simplify the lubrication process.

    The new 14.4 Volt Lithium-Ion Grease Gun loads easily, primes quickly and delivers up to 15 cartridges per charge. This enables for more uptime and greater productivity in the shop, field, or factory. The unit’s Lithium-ion battery provides constant output for fade-free power, and can be charged at any time for any duration with no effect on battery life.

    “With the introduction of our new 14.4 Volt Lithium-Ion Grease Gun, Alemite is updating and upgrading our workhorse, which has proven itself in multiple industries,” notes Keith Rohan, Alemite Senior Product Manager. “The 14.4 Volt powertrain efficiency is top in its class and handles heavy loads easily to support close-tolerance service applications and stuck fittings.” 

    With a maximum pressure of 10,000 psi (689 bar) and a 5.6 oz/min (159 g/min) delivery rate, the 14.4 Volt Lithium-Ion Grease Gun keeps downtime to a minimum. Designed with the operator in mind, the new series 586 also features an optimized shape, weight and balance for a comfortable grip and less physical strain.

    For more information on Alemite’s 14.4 Volt Lithium-Ion Grease Gun, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-822-4579 or visit

    Kevin Jones, (314) 679-4401

    Established in 1918, Alemite is a leading worldwide provider of lubrication and fluid handling systems and equipment. Products include oil mist systems, fluid management controls, pumps, reels, meters, fittings and grease guns. Alemite’s headquarters are located at 5148 N. Hanley Road, St. Louis, Mo. Alemite is an SKF Group Brand.

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