Alemite COB LED Light Reels, Series 8082-A

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    Alemite 8082-A COB LED Light Reels

    2016 April 01, 09:31 CST

    Johnson City, TN - Alemite has announced the introduction of its COB LED Light Reel for automotive workspaces. The new COB LED Light Reel is built to illuminate the tightest automotive workspaces and withstand the toughest shop conditions. It combines Combining next-generation COB (Chip on Board) technology with several robust design features.

    The COB technology at the heart of the new COB LED Light Reel is a recent LED packaging development that  greatly increases packing density. It allows the new COB LED Light Reel to deliver 600 lumens of uniform light with  far less glare than standard LED lights. It is built to handle the rigors of the automotive repair shop. The new Alemite reel also features a fully enclosed on/off switch to prevent moisture intrusion and shock. Plus a sealed, rubber-encased light head that resists impacts, moisture and chemicals.

    “By combining extremely rugged design with COB technology, our new COB LED Light Reel enables a brighter, more productive shop environment,” explains Mark Allen, Alemite’s Director Portfolio Management – Tools &  Equipment. “Built to withstand moisture, chemicals and drops, the compact, lightweight COB LED Light Reel also supports shop productivity with features like a spring-loaded reel that rewinds automatically, and an adjustable steel bracket for wall, ceiling or bench mounting.”

    For more information on Alemite’s COB LED Light Reel, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-822-4579 or visit

    Kevin Jones, (314) 679-4401

    Established in 1918, Alemite is a leading worldwide provider of lubrication and fluid handling systems and equipment. Products include oil mist systems, fluid management controls, pumps, reels, meters, fittings and grease guns. Alemite’s headquarters are located at 5148 N. Hanley Road, St. Louis, Mo. Alemite is an SKF Group Brand.

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