Alemite 8597 Low-Profile Truck Drain

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    Alemite 8597 Low-Profile Truck Drain
    Alemite 8597 Low-Profile Truck Drain

    2017 April 01, 09:31 CST

    ST. LOUIS, MO -

    Alemite has introduced its new Model 8597 Low -Profile Truck Drain for use in vehicle service facilities.

    The drains are designed to collect fluid from beneath trucks and recreational vehicles without the need for a lift or jack. The product completes Alemite’s line of fluid management, dispensing and used-fluid recovery equipment. 

    The simple-to-use, 20-gallon drain quickly and easily rolls under the vehicle to catch fluids such as engine coolant, transmission coolant, transmission fluid and engine oil. Featuring welded construction, the durable Model 8597 can withstand harsh shop environments.
    The drain includes internal baffles and a two-inch lip to reduce splashing, and its removable metal screen keeps out parts and debris. The drain’s three-wheel design provides maneuverability on uneven shop floors, and its extended T-handle offers convenient movement. 

    In addition, the Model 8597 has two female ¾-inch NPT drain ports – one for evacuation by gravity and one for evacuation by external pump.

    For more information on Alemite’s Low-Profile Truck Drain, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-822-4579 or visit

    Kevin Jones

    Established in 1918, Alemite is a leading worldwide provider of lubrication and fluid handling systems and equipment. Products include oil mist systems, fluid management controls, pumps, reels, meters, fittings and grease guns. Alemite’s headquarters are located at 5148 N. Hanley Road, St. Louis, Mo. Alemite is an SKF Group Brand.

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