Trolley Packages

Premium Lube Trolley Packages

Alemite’s premium lube trolley package comes complete with all components needed for portably dispensing oil or grease directly from 55 gallon or 400 pound drums. These lube trolleys can be used to service a full range of vehicles, as well as industrial and machinery processes. They feature a pneumatically operated Alemite pump, durable hose reel and electronic meter for oil or high pressure control valve for grease.


  • Designated space for hose reel
  • Pivoting back wheels for easy movement
  • Arm extends to hold control valve or meter
  • Pivoting handle allows operator to manually move cart or attach it to motorized cart

Oil Package Specifications (343509) *

Alemite Lube Trolley for oil, model 343509
  • 3:1 RAM pump with 338147-4 downtube for 55 gallon drums (9918-A)
  • Heavy-duty reel with 30 ft hose (7335-B)
  • Electronic meter with flexible extension measures pints, quarts, gallons or liters (3671)
  • Air control with filter/regulator/gauge (7936)

Grease Package Specifications (343510) *

Alemite Lube Trolley Grease, Model 343510
  • 50:1 RAM pump with cover and follower for 400 pound drums (9979-A)
  • Hose reel with 30 ft, high-pressure hose (7334-B)
  • Heavy-duty control valve (6320-3) with universal swivel (B331107)
  • Air control with filter/regulator/gauge (7936)

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