Mechanical Preset

Alemite mechanical meter 3690-C

Alemite Mechanical Preset Meters feature a classic dial design to accurately measure and totalize fluid dispensed, where automatic fill capability is important.


  • Large, easy to read dial face
  • Meter automatically shuts off when preset amount has been dispensed
  • Latch control permits shut off during operation
  • 1,000 psi maximum operating pressure
  • Non-drip nozzle included
  • Fluid compatibility – Oil, gear oil, ATF
  • Valve inlet: 1/2” NPTF(f) with swivel

All models feature rigid extension, manual high-volume non-drip tip and a weight of 5.1 lb (2.3 kg).

Product #Dial RegistersFluidsOdometer RegistersDial Range
3690-CQuartGear Oil, Motor Oil, ATFGallonQuart (0- 60)
3691-CGallonGear Oil, Motor Oil, ATFGallonGallon (0-15)
3692-CQuartAntiFreezeQuartQuart (0- 60)
3693-CLiterGear Oil, Motor Oil, ATFLiterLiter (0-60)
3696-CQuartGear Oil, Motor Oil, ATFQuartQuart (0-16)