Mechanical Meters

Alemite mechanical meter 3685-F

Alemite Mechanical Meters feature a classic dial design to accurately measure and totalize fluids dispensed.


  • Large, easy to read dial face
  • Totalizer keeps lifetime record of fluid dispensed
  • Includes internal filter screen to prevent contaminants from entering the meter
  • 1,000 psi maximum operating pressure
  • Fluid compatibility – Oil, gear oil, ATF

All models feature a weight of 5 lb (2.3 kg).

Product #Dial RegistersFluidsOdometer RegistersDial RangeExtensionNon-Drip Tip
3685-ALiterOilLiterLiter (0-10)FlexibleAutomatic
3685-BQuartOilGallonQuart (0-16)RigidAutomatic
QuartOilGallonQuart (0-16)FlexibleManual
3685-GQuartOilQuartQuart (0-16)FlexibleManual
3685-MQuartOilLiterLiter (0-10)RigidAutomatic
3686-BQuartATFGallonQuart (0-16)FlexibleAutomatic