Odometer-Style Mechanical Meters

Alemite odometer-style mechanical meter 3575-A

The Alemite 3575 series of mechanical meters is suitable for indoor or outdoor fluid dispensing applications. Available in versions offering either quart or liter measurement, the meters feature an odometerstyle display. The lightweight mechanical meters have a non-resettable totalizer that enables tracking of product usage over time.


  • Available with flexible or rigid extension
  • Adapter for connecting extension in 90-degree configuration
  • Available in quart or liter measurements
  • 6-digit accumulative totalizer; plus 4-digit resettable batch totalizer with push-button reset
  • Automatic non-drip nozzle with thermal expansion piston to prevent drips
  • Oval gear mechanism for optimum accuracy across a broad range of viscosities
  • Trigger lock for hands-free dispensing
  • Lever guard

All models feature a 1/2" swivel inlet, a maximum working pressure of 1500 psi (103,5 bar) and a weight of 2.6 lb (1,2 kg)

Product #Dial RegistersFluidsFlow RateExtension Type
3575-AQuartOils up to SAE 140, ATFs, gear oils and ready-to-use engine coolants0.26-8 gal/minRigid
Quart0.26-8 gal/minFlexible
3575-CLiter1-30 liter/minRigid
3575-DLiter1-30 liter/minFlexible

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