RFC Plus Wireless Fluid Inventory Control System

Alemite RFC Plus model 343414
Alemite RFC Plus model 343414

Alemite’s wireless fluid inventory management systems complement the existing wired FCS and AFCS PC systems. The RFC Plus is for larger shops that need a totally wireless meter, PC reporting and control, and have more dispense points. 

The RFC is for smaller shops with fewer reels that do not need PC reporting and control but still want a wireless, metered system. The meters and keypads utilize a 2.4 GHz mesh network which limits communication problems with other equipment in the facility. All dispenses with the meter are reported and tracked. The RFC Plus system consists of three core components: wireless meter, dispense keypad, and master keypad. 

The system has one master keypad, up to 36 dispense keypads, and 250 meters.


  • Manage up to 16 fluids and 99 simultaneous dispense locations with a single system
  • Simple installation
  • Attach dispense valves to the hoses
  • Plug the keypads into a standard 120V AC outlet
  • PC interface for enhanced capabilities and logical network setup
  • Mount up to 36 dispense keypads in bays to maximize productivity
  • Unlimited job stacking allows technicians to select preloaded repair orders
  • Assign special work order number for dedicated oil change bays allowing monitored after-hours fluid dispensing
Product #Description
343314RFC Plus master keypad – 2.4 GHz unit used to bridge the connection between the PC and dispense keypad(s) which include the PC software
343312RFC Plus dispense keypad – 2.4 GHz unit used by technicians to initiate the dispense
3580-B2.4 GHz wireless meter with flexible extension for all fluid types
3580-A2.4 GHz wireless meter with rigid extension for all fluid types
393810-11Antenna extension kit